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It's All About Sex
Insight Into Our Sexual Realities

These writings relay the realities of the many aspects of our sexuality. However, words really aren’t descriptively powerful enough to tell of the true grandness of sex.  It is difficult to explain the physical and emotional feelings and sensations experienced by the body, mind, spirit andsoul. It is a spiritual connection to life. It is mystical, inexplicable and an undeniable force for us all. Whether we choose to believe in its power is another matter, but one we each must decide for ourselves. No authority should be given that control. Sex is a personal right and privilege.

The following chapters do not offer up an instruction manual or provide any scientific data. Instead, this book will provoke thought and provide insight into the many aspects of human sexuality and the realities that accompany them. Sadly, there is over stimulated convention and pre-programming that affect how we view and live our sexuality. We will openly discuss the facts regarding sex rather than review the limiting persuasions of societal dictates.  It is past time we take sex out of the closet, recognize its true value and enjoy the benefits.

Whether our sexual experiences be an in person affair, an Internet encounter or an erotic phone
adventure, it is a sacred and private affair.  Sex will always command that the experiences
shared will be between two consenting adults. It also requires that we respect the need for safe
and sane practices. Sharing sex with another does not automatically come with any permissions to breach privacy and is not a subject to be communicated in any context without the consent and knowledge of both partners. Along with the pleasures our sexuality brings us, it holds responsibilities as well.

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A Night For Love

A dream came whispering
Through the night,   
With silent glory
Shown its light.
With graceful winds
The blessings flew,
Caressed by love,
They brought me you.
Your starlight sparkles
Through moonlit night,
Softly shimmering,
Hearts take flight.
Our souls embrace
As passions flow,
A world of wonder,
New life aglow.
Angels watching
From up above,
While songs are sung  
Of lasting love.




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Internet Dating by Design
Keys to Successful Online Experiences

The online experience offers unlimited possibilities for gaining lifelong friendships and finding that ideal partner or soul mate you have been searching your whole life to find.  It allows dreams to become reality. Life  altering events can occur by simply touching a button on your keypad. We are rewarded with such gifts as enlightenment, culture, diversity and transformation. Inhibitions and restrictions are no longer a hindrance. The freedom to be you in an online format holds great merit. Everything you have ever dreamed of is now available for you to explore. It is an endless opportunity for growth and rebirth.

Internet Dating by Design, addresses the critical components needed to achieve yourInternet dating goals. Included are the relative aspects of human nature, as well as relationship considerations.  Each of these elements will hold an advantage in your online pursuit of success and happiness. It will become important to approach your search and explorations holistically. Leaving one component to chance could prove costly and provoke negative experiences. If you are well prepared, aware and ready to face the possibilities, you are likely to find many positives and maybe even true bliss.

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Approximately 1.5 million websites and over 1000 book titles are dedicated to the
subject of cheating. The focus is most always on proving the infidelity, catching the
scoundrel in the act and dealing with the pain and shame of being a victim. A close analysis however, creates uncertainty regarding exactly where our compassion and sympathies should lie. We are forced to question our concepts of relationships and the realities of our role as a partner. Untangling the complexities to find the truth, provokes a host of questions with many complicated answers.

   Cheating is not as simple as one individual in a relationship behaving badly, and the
other being wronged. It is a multi-faceted, complex reaction stemming from many different places within the human psyche. Cheating involves two people making well-informed decisions and choices. It relates to compatibility, needs and the realities of human nature. A lack of attention to those vital relationship components provokes reactionary behaviors as a matter of course. The need to cheat is a consequence, which is facilitated by a serious lack of consciousness.

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Empath Support Services
Coaching, counseling, education and
support for Empaths.

The Personal Journey of an Empath

What is it you share with your co-workers, friends, family and passing strangers
through the energies presented in your aura? An Empath knows. He has the ability to
feel and experience your anguish or elation. He will wear your emotions or carry your
physical pain; collected perhaps, from a handshake, through eye contact, or a thought
transferred in a single moment in passing. This gift of knowing is not the result of any
conscious effort or want of information, but comes unsolicited, unwarranted, and most
always without the expressed approval of the Empath.  

Many Empaths needlessly suffer due to a lack of knowledge, understanding, support
and consolation. Far too many spend their lives trying to fit in, when they are clearly
meant to stand out. As a result they can live a lonely, frustrating existence.
Uncharted Passages relates the personal journey of an Empath and recounts the
challenges and realities, which accompany the gift. It is not intended to impart any
scientific or expert findings. Having the gift of Empathy for a lifetime offers no
guarantees and produces no master. The goal is to give reassurance and lend support
for those who struggle to find stability in the unpredictability and insecurity of Empathy.
The readers will know it’s okay not to be normal and that who they are will always be
good enough.  



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Recommended Reading

Personal Growth & Development

The Alchemist
by Paulo Coelho

by Barbara Sher

Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway
by Susan Jeffers)

Who Are You? 101 Ways of Seeing Yourself
by Malcolm Godwin

The Secret Language of Signs
by Denise  Linn



Coaching for Singles
* We offer avenues to explore to provoke rebirth through self discovery and exploration.
* We provide the skills and knowledge necessary to make effective dating and relationship choices.
*We encourage you to explore comfort zones and personal limits as an individual before agreeing to a commitment
* We give alternatives to help rediscover and redefine what 'happiness' means as an individual as well as a potential partner in a relationship

Relationship Coaching for Couples
* We offer an atmosphere conducive to open and stress free  communication. Our goal is to assist our clients in their
desire to have an harmonious, well balanced relationship that meets their needs and requirements and works for them as a couple.
* We help pre-committed couples evaluate their relationship for commitment success
* Address all issues our clients feel are creating difficulties for them and the relationship.
* Explore every avenue possible for the most appropriate approach to resolving conflict and solidifying bonds.
* Offer options to help our clients awaken feelings that have been lost or repressed
* Provide avenues for bringing renewed passion and excitement once cherished when love was new
* We assist our clients in finding a place of mutual understanding and offer alternatives which will provoke awareness conducive to a reconnecting of souls.

* We welcome those involved in alternative lifestyles and have trained, experienced staff available.


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