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I met Judy several years ago. I knew almost right away that I was lucky to have found a teacher of rare insight
and compassion. Judy is a gifted teacher who combines a deep sense o  dedication to allowing clients to reach
their full potential.

I just wanted to thank you for the support you gave me in becoming aware of who I am. Your knowledge and
patience with my questions helped me greatly.  We also enjoy the reference materials that you provided as well as
the coaching.  I would highly recommend you to anyone.


I have known Judy for several years. She has done a tremendous job in helping me to learn more about myself.
She is a font of information and knowledge, always ready with resources or informative material. I am very happy
that I had her in my corner as I was exploring and learning. There is a ton of misinformation out there and she
very easily helped me maneuver my way and gave great advice and was certainly a positive influence. I would
highly recommend her..




I wanted to simply drop you a quick note to tell you how much your mentoring, instruction and education has
meant to my growth and development.

I was totally clueless after 50+ years in a much less exciting, much less fulfilling society. I wanted to let you know
your experience, your training and your coaching have brought me to where I now understand and celebrate who
I am.

I would highly endorse you for whoever desires the understanding, training and mentoring to become who they
are with your special skills and insight.

I look forward to learning more and more from you so I can become the best at what I am.



her wisdom and integrity. I felt comfortable with her and was able to be honest about my needs. My thoughts
were always met with kind understanding. A trust was built that allowed me to reclaim my position as the
powerful man that I am. Judy has a sharp mind and a wonderful arsenal of ideas. She is open-minded and
passionate. She is mature and experienced. If you’re looking for safe ground to learn and explore your inner self,
Judy can help you."

Judy was a great coach and was very patient in helping me to discover who I am.  Thanks to her I am able to be
comfortable in my relationships.

Judy  is a wealth of knowledge  I had lots of questions that she was always able to answer either based on her
knowledge and experience or her extensive research.

Thank you,


I had multiple issues. I talked to Judy about my situation.  She gave me insight into my issues. Judy enlightened me
as to my situation and gave me some very good advice for helping me  though a very turbulent time.  In fact
thanks to Judy, I have a new outlook on this whole perspective, and I’ll be consulting her more about my
endeavors.  Thank you Judy.


I am happy to recommend this wonderful woman as a coach.
She is intelligent,,,and fully understands the aspects of men and human nature.
Harvey A Amos

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