Communication 101

Communication for Success

Being empowered and in control of your life begins with your communication skills. The ability to communicate well is a vital component in owning your own power and determines the paths you ultimately take in life. It can dictate your career status, dating, relationship & marital success, it affects how you relate to family, friends and how effective you are as a parent.

Empowered Solutions offers personal and professional communication workshops. We will help you perfect your listening skills and
clearly and confidently state yourself with intent, authority and conviction in all areas of your life..

A few simple procedures can make the difference.
1- Listen with intent and curiosity
2- Listen from a neutral place without walls and blockers
3- Ask questions for clarity
4- Be courteous and conscientious in your communications
5- Show support and understanding by relaying to the speaker that he is being heard and his concerns,
fears and needs are valid
6- Use the power that comes with your skills wisely and fairly
7- Never close doors or avenues of opportunity and compromise