"In love we walk  lighted path"

Life Coaching

Dating & Relationships

The Benefits of Coaching









* You will gain clarity and insight into the cause of the problem and define the underlying issues
* You will  learn ways to release resistance to changing old patterns and find a path to freedom and success
* You will feel at peace with the knowledge, confidence and strength you gain
* You will be empowered to make good choices that are the right ones for you
* You will feel in control of your life by tapping into your own inner resources   

Coaches assist you in:

* Developing new skills and effectively implementing them
* Overcoming barriers that might be impeding your progress
* Setting personal limits & boundaries
* Goal setting
* Designing your own life script
* Managing negative, self-limiting beliefs and influences.
* Formulating strategies and action plans for a rewarding and satisfying future
* The coach will hold your visions in tact and away from your fears and inhibitions while you work to achieve your goals.

Coaching Services Include:
* Life Coaching
* Career Coaching
* Internet Dating Specialist
* Dating & Relationship Coaching
* Intimacy Coaching
* Premarital Coaching & Workshops
* Surviving Adolescence for Parents & Teens
* Empath Support Services
* Parent/Teen Mediation


Dating & Relationship Coaching









Coaching for Singles
* We offer avenues to explore which will provoke rebirth through self discovery and exploration.
* We provide the skills and knowledge necessary to make effective dating and relationship choices.
*We encourage you to explore comfort zones and personal limits as an individual before agreeing to a commitment
* We give alternatives to help rediscover and redefine what 'happiness' means as an individual as well as a potential partner in a

Relationship Coaching for Couples
* We offer an atmosphere conducive to open and stress free  communication. Our goal is to assist our clients in their
desire to have an harmonious, well balanced relationship that meets their needs and requirements and works for them as a couple.
* We help pre-committed couples evaluate their relationship for commitment success
* Address all issues our clients feel are creating difficulties for them and the relationship.
* Explore every avenue possible for the most appropriate approach to resolving conflict and solidifying bonds.
* Offer options to help our clients awaken feelings that have been lost or repressed
* Provide avenues for bringing renewed passion and excitement once cherished when love was new
* We assist our clients in finding a place of mutual understanding and offer alternatives which will provoke awareness conducive to a reconnecting of souls.
* We welcome those involved in alternative lifestyles and have trained, experienced staff available.



Intimacy Coaching




Holistic Sexuality

Our coaching staff promotes a holistic and spiritual approach to sex
and sensuality. We believe that sex is not merely an event or a task to be done as a matter
of course. The bonding it presents, in its truest form, is the essence of a lasting

Sexual needs are a major part of our basic essentials package and can not be ignored.
Settling for whatever is offered usually warrants a discontented mate and cheating.
Neither of those end results is an acceptable alternative to designing a lasting plan and
getting what we really want.

We offer expert coaching for singles and couples who may be experiencing
difficulties in this area of their relationships, as well as those who would like to spice up
there sex life.

Click Here for a Sexual Interest Checklist for partners.
* Please note that the information on this page is for adults only.
Please shield this page from the view of any child under the age of 18.
If you find sexually explicit content offensive, please do not enter.
Thank You For Your Patience

Internet Dating by Design

Internet Dating Coaching & Classes


Extraordinary adventures await us in cyberspace.  Through the marvels of technology and an Internet connection, we are able to experience phenomenal events and realize our greatest fantasies. The latest in technological advances offer us limitless opportunities filled with enrichment, enchantment and wonder.  Whatever we imagine, we can do. We are able to travel the world, and find unimaginable pleasures in this new wonderland in cyber space. Yes, the world is our playground. Exciting happenings can reveal themselves with every click of a button. 


Friendships, dating and relationships have taken new meaning. There is no longer a need for the local bar scene and packaging yourself in elaborate wrappings for the night out of show and tell. You can meet, greet and entertain a diverse community of friends and lovers worldwide, without having to leave your comfy recliner. Without even as much as a tube of lipstick or the benefit of the latest fashions, you can meet your soul mate, fall in love and yes, you can even share an intimate encounter online. (Yep, sex) All unfathomable not too many years ago.

We offer classes in the Art of Internet Dating. Our goal is to help you maneuver through the
system, date safely and have positive experiences. Please check our class listing and register today.

Order "Internet Dating by Design" Ebook HERE

Family & Relationship Mediation

Couples Conflict Resolution & Mediation Services

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to assist in resolving conflict while helping to heal and preserve the relationship of the parties involved. Our focus is on offering an atmosphere conducive to open and stress free communication where all concerns can be expressed and then addressed to the mutual satisfaction of all the parties.

* We offer the opportunity to discuss the issues raised, clear up misunderstandings, determine the underlying interests and/or concerns
* Encourage creative options
* Find areas of agreement and ultimately, incorporate those areas of agreements into resolutions
* Articulate and solidify potential agreement

Online & Tele Services

Online & Tele Services Now Available

I am now offering classes and coaching services online and via telephone. I am able to serve my clients nationwide and abroad while maintaining a high standard of excellence and keeping my promise to offer affordable services.

Coaching services and class payments may be made below.

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