"Note to self: I am enough!"

Empath Support Center

Welcome Empaths

Understanding you, the Empath

I offer coaching, counseling, education and support for Empaths. I provide a more
effective approach to problem solving, gaining inner strength, and confident self-expression.
My services are specifically designed to help you be in control of your Empathic gift, life and relationships.

I can assist you in designing your life as an Empath
* developing new skills and effectively implementing them
* overcoming barriers that might be impeding your progress
* Setting personal limits & boundaries
* goal setting
* designing your own life script
* managing negative, self-limiting beliefs.
* formulating strategies and action plans for a rewarding and satisfying future
* we will hold your visions in tact and away from your fears and inhibitions while you work to achieve your goals

The Benefits
* You will gain clarity and insight
* You will  learn effective ways to cope with your Empathic gift
* You will feel at peace with the knowledge, confidence and strength you gain
* You will be empowered to make good choices that are the right ones for you
* You will feel in control of your life by tapping into your own inner resources   


Current Classes

Our classes are designed to offer Empaths information and help in meeting the challenges they face in their
everyday lives. We offer a variety of formats including:
*Private classes by phone or online
*Group organization or Home

Our classes are held once a month. Private classes and individual group classes are arranged by appointment only.
Coaching and counseling services are by appointment only.
To schedule your appointment or to arrange a private class please call our office

*Understanding The Empathic Gift
Course Description
Are you sensitive to the emotions or physical pain of others? Do you connect with animals or to the energies of  
places or objects?  Do you find yourself carrying unexplained emotions or aches and pains away from a trip to the
grocery store or the mall? You probably hold the gift of Empathy.

This class will offer you answers, guidance and support for the challenges that come with your Empathic gift. We
will offer you consolation, explanations, and helpful hints and tips for controlling and enhancing your gift.

*Learning to love yourself
Course Description
The foundation of self-love and positive esteem is based in a true belief in yourself and in having faith in your
qualities and capabilities. It requires trusting your intuition, judgment and choices. It is also vital to understand,
accept and appreciate the benefits of your Empathic gift as well as your limitations. The inner environment we have
created from our past and the present determines the paths we take and will dictate our future. The gift of Empathy
plays a major role in how we view and manage our everyday lives.

This class will assist you in getting in touch with your inner beauty, teach you to love the self and the gift that lies
within. We will show you how to turn your pain into power and how to have a positive and more productive future
as an Empath. Isn’t it time you lived your dreams?

*Intimacy & The Empath
Course Description
Intimacy coupled with Empathy presents a highly charged, and intense combination; a volatile and addictive mix of
potent physical, emotional and spiritual components. It holds no gender preference or sexual orientation bias and
affects both men and women alike. It is a subject, which merits special attention, as it can play a major role in the
life of an Empath.

A certain magic happens when two sexual energies unite. Nothing exists for that moment in time, but the touching of
souls and the union of the spirit. Some relate visions of grandiose fireworks displays, romantic, dreamy images of
love and oneness; truly a divine presentation of the human connection and the power of sex. Sharing intimacy with
the Empath is more, much more than a sexual connection, reaches far beyond making love and is most always a
spiritual happening. That is not to say that the Empath is a better lover and there is not necessarily any greater
physical satisfaction for their partner, its simply different, more intense, spiritual and evolved.                  

Sexual experiences for the Empath can offer fabulous awakenings or be frustrating, confusing and sometimes even
scary. This class will offer enlightenment and insight for Empaths and their partners. Our goal is to promote
awareness and understanding for more deeply satisfying and rewarding experiences. Call today and register!



Empath Resources

Recommended Reading
Empowered by Empathy *Rose Rosetree

Local Meet-up Group

The Empath Connection

Social Network
The Empath Community

Open Empath Groups

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Uncharted Passages
The Personal Journey of an Empath


What is it you share with your co-workers, friends, family, and passing strangers,
through the energies presented in your aura? An Empath knows. He has the ability to
feel and experience your anguish or elation. He will wear your emotions or carry your
physical pain; collected perhaps, from a handshake, through eye contact, or a thought
transferred in a single moment in passing. This gift of knowing is not the result of any
conscious effort or want of information, but comes unsolicited, unwarranted, and most
always without the expressed approval of the Empath.  

Many Empaths needlessly suffer due to a lack of knowledge, understanding, support
and consolation. Far too many spend their lives trying to fit in, when they are clearly
meant to stand out. As a result they can live a lonely, frustrating existence.Uncharted
Passages relates the personal journey of an Empath and recounts the challenges and
realities, which accompany the gift. It is not intended to impart any scientific or expert
findings. Having the gift of Empathy for a lifetime offers no guarantees and produces no
master. The goal is to give reassurance and lend support for those who struggle to find
stability in the unpredictability and insecurity of Empathy. The readers will know it’s
okay not to be normal and that who they are will always be good enough.  

Get your copy at