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Internet Dating by Design

Internet dating is a multifaceted grand adventure. Technological advances have allowed the world to become our
playground. This new adventure land in cyber space offers experiences filled with enrichment, enchantment and wonder.  It is where dreams can become reality.  Exciting opportunities present themselves with every click of a button.  There is no longer a need for the local bar scene and packaging yourself for the night out of show and tell. You can meet, greet & entertain a diverse community of friends and lovers worldwide without having to leave the comfort of home.

Today’s singles are discouraged with the traditional venues for meeting other singles. The bar scene no longer offers the
glitter and glamor appeal it once held. The efforts required to find a partner or mate in that type of environment is often difficult and offers lttle past frustration. This new dating trend focuses on finding love and friendship through the vast resources available on the Internet. Our neighborhood playground has expanded to include the world. This high tech movement has proven to be a more efficient form of dating and social networking for a great majority of singles. Is it practical, safe and worth the effort? You be the judge.

Before beginning your journey it is vital for you to be aware of who you really are and what it is you hope to gain
from your online dating adventures. Offering information you are not sure of and which others will perceive as fact, can only lead
to misinterpretations, misunderstandings and failed relationship attempts. Being able to clearly state the essence of you, in an online profile, requires that you have full knowledge and a complete understanding of the person you’ll be representing.

It is a process. One which requires preparation and knowledge. Internet Dating by Design provides a holistic
approach and offers the knowledge and skills you will need for a successful venture. It will change your online dating
experiences as well as your life.


What's Inside



Part 1 - First Things First
Chapter 1- Mirror Images
* How well do you really know you
Chapter 2- Learning to love yourself
* Strategies for life
Chapter 3- Communication 101
* Being the listener
* How to talk so people will listen

Part 2 - The Basic Elements
Chapter 4- Being single is not a negative
* Strategies for singles    
Chapter 5- Dating pitfalls
Chapter 6- How ready are you for a commitment
Chapter 7- Your Ideal Partner
Chapter 8- Relationship success by design  
* Relationship planning guide

Part 3 - The Online Experience
Chapter 9- High tech dating realities
Chapter 10- Communicating online
Chapter 11-The online interview
* Asking the right questions
Chapter 12- Marketing yourself online
Chapter 13- Your profile and online environment
* Sample profiles
* Profile
Chapter 14- Long distance romance
Chapter 15- Love & sex in cyberspace
Chapter 16- Dating & Cyber safety rules
Chapter 17- Resources

All ID Classes include FREE 30 minute coaching session.