It's All About Sex


It's All About Sex

Sex is a natural, undeniable force in our lives. It is the essence of our being and holds enough authority to determine
our daily life experiences and the person we ultimately become. Our sexual energies affect every aspect of life. Hormone levels,  
chemistry, personality and mood are touched by its energies. Sexual issues can dissolve feelings of love and disrupt relationship
commitments  and marriages. That makes a clear statement of the impact it has in our overall compatibility. Sex concerns play
a major role in the high rate of divorce and are the cause for most all incidences of cheating.

With the divorce rate and relationship failures rising above 50%, one would have to consider the role sex plays in those
percentages. It would appear that a great number of people are dissatisfied with their sex lives. It would be wise to give serious
thought  to this aspect of our relationships and question the cause for such high rate of failure. Do today’s fast-paced lifestyles
affect our decisions regarding a partner or our sexual needs? Are our relationship choices based in lusty infatuation, driven
by fleeting emotions?  Do we suffer from a lack of proper planning?

It's All About Sex offers insight into the realities of our sexuality. It is not an instruction manual but addresses what our sexual
experiences should and can be without societal dictates to drive us and pre-programming to determine how we enjoy it. Male and
female aspects  are addressed as well as the need for each of us to understand our partner and our responsibilities as a partner.

Sex is an integral part of the human experience and cannot be ignored or taken lightly. It holds great significance in our
physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The importance of sex in our relationships is obvious and undeniable. Sex holds
great powers  and does affect every aspect of life. It is relevant and relative, and a critical component of any relationship where
sex is shared. It can, and most often is a determinate factor in its endurance.




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Part 1 - The Basic Elements

1- How Important is Sex in a Relationship
2- Speaking of Sex
3- Are Sex and Love Synonymous?
4- Discovering Your Sexual Personality?
5- Myths & Misconceptions of Orgasm
6- Does Size Really Matter?

Part 2 - Making the Most of Your Sexual Experiences

7- More Please?
8- Sensual Pleasures of the Mind
9- Knowledge * Power & Bliss
10- Sex for Singles
11- Friends With Benefits
12- Spice Up Your Sex Life
13- Holistic Sex & Sensuality
14- Kinks, Taboos & Fetishes..Oh My!
15- Spiritual Sexuality

Part 3 - Relative Sexual Realities

16- Drama Belongs in the Theater
17- What Women Want
18- The Female Persuasion
19- It's a Man Thing
20- Who's Cheating Who?
21- Love & Sex in Cyberspace
22- Different Loving
23- Is Marriage Really Necessary?
24- Sexual Anxieties
25- Excuses or Symptoms?
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