In love we walk a lighted path"

Love Lines Poetry





A Night For Love

A dream came whispering
Through the night,   
With silent glory
Shown its light.
With graceful winds
The blessings flew,
Caressed by love,
They brought me you.
Your starlight sparkles
Through moonlit night,
Softly shimmering,
Hearts take flight.
Our souls embrace
As passions flow,
A world of wonder,
New life aglow.
Angels watching
From up above,
While songs are sung  
Of lasting love.



Just A Pedal From The Rose

A rose adorns my garden,
Surely angels placed it there,
For its radiance is hypnotic,
Its blossom oh so rare.

I am captured by its essence,
Compelled to hear its song,
A melody that wakens my soul
And to my heart belongs.

My wish would be to pluck this rose
And keep it for all time.
To breathe  in of its fragrance,
Caress it and make it mine.

Alas, a rose without its vine
Will whither, it's life to end.
No more to glisten in the sun
Or sway in the wistful winds.

No, this rose, it can't be mine.
I ask but one  small part
A single  petal  from its bloom,
To satisfy my heart.




The essence of you compels me,
The mere thought of you powers my soul.
Driven by fire and passion
And desire beyond my control.

Each breath I take belongs to you,
Without you I'd wither and die.
You alone possess my spirit
And give wings for my heart to fly.

It is you who completes my journey,
You who makes me whole,
It's your light that gently guides me
With its warm and blissful glow.

If only I could be the flame,
The One that burns within,
Take you past where dreams reside
And breathe beneath your skin.

I cherish every moment we share,
Worship you as none before.
For you alone I live each day,
Wanting you more and more.