Holistic Sex & Sensuality

Homeopathic Practitioners can spend as long as a week or more in the diagnostic process. Their goal is to insure their patients receive the most appropriate treatment for their specific illnesses. They will consider every aspect of each symptom in holistic fashion. Pills are not given to treat a headache before looking past the surface complaint, for something more. The aim is to get to the root cause of their complaint and treat the body and mind as a whole, not simply band aid the symptoms. We should be as discriminating concerning our sexuality. Just sex would be relative to treating symptoms without knowing their origin.

Some will wonder about the necessity of this attention to detail and question those who would go to such lengths just to have sex. After all, it is not a requirement and sex is kind of a no brainer. You simply do it and it feels good, without the need for all the formalities and fan fair. That is all quite true. However, feeling good is wonderful, but feeling better than good is fantastic. Why settle for vanilla ice cream when you can have a banana split? Why not aim for something more?

Achieving greatness is not a difficult process, and the quest is usually half the fun. Sex is a complex element of the human experience and requires much more than finding a bed and a willing partner, to capture its complete essence. Numerous factors must be considered, which involve the body, mind, spirit and soul. All of those aspects of us need to be present, as a whole, with each sexual encounter. Emotions, spirituality, needs, preferences, growth, limits, boundaries and sexual energies need to be evaluated and given consideration in your goal to provoke bliss. The care given to that process will contribute to magnificent happenings and help avoid the mundane. The affects will be memorable and last long past the original event. They will not end in a transient thrill lived in the moment. Yes, it is a lot to invest, but the rewards are immeasurable and worth the effort.

Every element of our being contributes to a single moment of passion. Some aspects will produce greater affects than others, and each will produce its own sensation and has something valuable to offer. The senses are essential to the human experience and a valuable asset in achieving heightened levels of sexual bliss. Sensory deprivation is extremely erotic. Eliminating the capabilities of one sense in order to enhance another is great strategy. Take the sight and it will increase the sensitivity and awareness of touch and smell. One very basic element can change the entire dynamic of the experience and create the WOW affect.

The addition of something as simple as a blindfold can deprive the sense of sight, resulting in incredible feelings of vulnerability and anticipation. Both of those feelings increase the level of arousal, passion, intensity of orgasm and offer up heroes and heroines. The senses intensified or denied can offer new and exciting degrees of consciousness and truly memorable experiences. Often the simple things in life make the biggest difference. Choosing to explore the different aspects of our being, and how they relate to our sexuality will promote a continuous flow of new and exciting sexual happenings for a long time. Sex will never be boring or mundane.

Our level of satisfaction is also determined by the energies transferred during our sexual encounters.The sexual energies we share with our partners are powerful and can dictate the outcome of our future experiences as well. One negative experience can inadvertently host many more.How we ‘feel’ during and after sex is influenced by those energies. The ‘vibes’ we emit can determine how our partner perceives us, as well as the sex we share.We have the ability to create magic or provoke disinterest or worse, discontentment.Each component of our being will contribute to the positive and/or negative energies we share.The lThere’s much more to it than just having sex. Viewing sex as a holistic affair will make an enormous difference. Sex is a spiritual happening, an explosion of sexual energies. You must look to the spiritual to grasp its power. We miss so much if we do not think to include every part of us in our sexual experiences. It takes very little to create the ‘wow’ affect and give us banana splits. Leaving one element or component out can make a difference in the level of fulfillment and the desire for more. When all of those elements are presented in combination, they bring happenings and an awakening. The magic and ecstasy are unmistakable and blissfully addicting. It goes beyond the ordinary concepts of sex. Why not make memories and leave them wanting more?

No, these things are not necessary to have sex and an orgasm. If complacency is the goal, there is no need to consider a holistic approach. Complacency does not create cravings and desire, however. It provides for the basic ‘fix’ and many empty feelings. Why waste what you have been given? Use it. Taking the extra time will equate to being a better lover in the eyes of your partner/s. The ego boost will be glorious. In this instance there is method to the madness.

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