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The Tarot has been an integral part of our existence for many centuries. Documentation shows its influence as early as
the Fourteenth century in Italy, France and Germany. It is more than merely a deck of cards, however. The Tarot
provides a connection to the unconscious, inner self, as well as to the powers of the universe. Because the Tarot is a
personal encounter, we will each define it in a different way, reflecting our own unique perspectives and life
experiences.  It's meaning represents our essence and is woven into our psyche and belief system. It provides the
intricate details of who we are and the great wisdom that lies within us.

Most of us travel through life, living each day by rote. We are unaware of who we really are and where we are headed
in our life’s journey. Some of us merely read life as a script, living as a part of someone else’s dream rather than
creating our own design. Many of us do not hold a clear vision of our future due to the barriers and walls, which
distort our view.

Living a satisfying and productive life requires that we have a true working knowledge of our inner self and a clearly
defined path to the future. It requires that we connect with our true inner being and are comfortable with ourselves.  
We must travel to our inner depths to discover the wisdom and counsel that resides within us.

It is vital that we allow our unconscious mind to have a say in our conscious decisions and allow our inner guide to
assist in our direction. Believing in our capabilities and utilizing our powerful inner resources allows us to become
aware and in tune to the guidance and direction that is available to us. It is through the Tarot that we are able get in
touch with our Inner Guide and discover our true destiny.




About Our Services

The Tarot Connection offers tools that will assist you in your journey of self-discovery and provide helpful insight
into your everyday life experiences. We offer Tarot readings and consultations as well as,  information with regards
to the Pagan/Wiccan faiths, Sabbats, current moon phases,  Daily Horoscopes and planet affects and provide
information and resources to assist you in your life's journey.

We also provide Intuitive Counseling, and offer Coaching Through Tarot for a more in depth approach to problem
solving, creative expression and gaining inner strength,. Through self exploration and discovery your are able to
connect with, and benefit from, the counsel of your own inner voice. It is the unconscious inner self which will allow
you to discover the insight and direction you seek.

The Tarot Connection offers:
* Direction/Insight Readings & Consultation
* Major Arcana/Power Readings
* Open Readings
* Coaching Through Tarot
* Tarot for Couples
* Intuitive Counseling & Consultations

We provide:    
*Private Sessions
*Group & Community Events
*Lectures & Seminars

***All readings by The Tarot Connection staff are performed 'In Person' only. It is through in-person contact with
the cards as well as with the consultant that energies are best felt and transferred. It is our belief that our clients are
best served in this format.






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Intuitive Counseling Special

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Druids recognized as religion for first time in UK

Tarot Home Parties
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Featured Tarot

Hanging Man

A sacrifice must be made in order to gain something of great value.

General Description
The Hanged Man, superficially seen, primarily means that we are stuck and in a dilemma. However, with more
thorough consideration we can see that in the external immobility there is a forced repose, as well as the necessity
and opportunity to achieve a transformed view of the world and change one's life. The passivity to which we are
condemned in such phases is at best illustrated with the image of an illness, which is often actually indicated by this
card. C. G. Jung says of the experience that the Hanged Man expresses: "To hang can ( ... ) even be a positively
seen 'hanging on', which on the one hand means apparently insurmountable difficulties, yet on the other hand
presents that unique situation that requires the greatest effort, and therefore calls the entire person into action.

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The Tarot Connection staff cannot guarantee any specific outcome from any reading. The individual cards, chosen by the client, determines the
reading. Our consultants will not make any promises with regards to the future or any specific event.   Although our consultants may have psychic or Empathic capabilities, we will not influence the client's own decision making process nor  will we predict or influence future events. We are not responsible for the actions or decisions of the clients based on any reading.

Our coaching and counseling services will offer the client options and alternatives with regard to their situation. Any choices and decisions made with regard to those options, are ultimately made by the client, not the coach/counselor. The Tarot Connection staff is not responsible for the actions of the client in that regard.




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