Uncharted Passages
The Personal Journey of an Empath

Judy Spain Barton


Uncharted Passages

What is it you share with your co-workers, friends, family, and passing strangers, through the energies presented
in your aura? An Empath knows. He has the ability to feel and experience your anguish or elation. He will wear your emotions or carry your
physical pain; collected perhaps, from a handshake, through eye contact, or a thought transferred in a single moment in passing. This gift
of knowing is not the result of any conscious effort or want of information, but comes unsolicited, unwarranted, and most always without
the expressed approval of the Empath.  

As a Life Coach and life long Empath, I am aware of the daily challenges of those who hold the Empathic gift. Many needlessly
suffer due to a lack of knowledge, understanding, support and consolation. Far too many Empaths spend their lives trying to fit in, when they
are clearly meant to stand out. As a result they can live a lonely, frustrating existence.

Information available regarding Empathy specifically, and its realities, is scant and scattered. Some materials are simply the
repetitive notations of other authors, while others come with dictates and personal ideologies. Uncharted Passages relates the
personal  journey of an Empath and recounts the challenges and realities, which accompany the gift. It is not intended to impart any scientific
or expert findings. Having the gift of Empathy for a lifetime offers no guarantees and produces no master.

Uncharted Passages specifically addresses subjects, not detailed by other authors, but hold a great impact in the life of
every Empath. The advice and solutions are simple and unbiased, with no attachments to any specific convictions. The reader is free
to discover his/her own truths, which is in the best interest of the Empath. The goal is to give reassurance and lend support for
those who struggle to find stability in the unpredictability and insecurity of Empathy. The readers will know it’s okay not to be
normal and that who they are will always be good enough.  



What you will find inside




1-The Beginning of All Things

2- One Plus One Equals Insanity.

3- It’s All in Your Mind

4- Evolution Brings Peace

5- Discovery & Wonder Revisited

6- Enlightenment & Inspiration

7- Dreams, Signs & Premonitions

8- The Freaky Stuff

9- Intimacy & Empathy

10- The Spirit of the Season

11- The Empathic Child

12- The Elements of Survival

13- Our Destiny

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