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Approximately 1.5 million websites and over 1000 book titles are dedicated to the subject of cheating. Thefocus is most always on proving the infidelity, catching the scoundrel in the act and dealing with the pain and shame of being a victim.A close analysis however, creates uncertainty regarding exactly where our compassion and sympathies should lie. We are forcedto question our concepts of relationships and the realities of our role as a partner. Untangling the complexities to find the truth,provokes a host of questions with many complicated answers.


Cheating is not as simple as one individual in a relationship behaving badly, and the other being wronged. It is amulti-faceted, complex reaction stemming from many different places within the human psyche. Cheating involves two people makingwell-informed decisions and choices. It relates to compatibility, needs and the realities of human nature. A lack of attention to thosevital relationship components provokes reactionary behaviors as a matter of course. The need to cheat is a consequence, which isfacilitated by a serious lack of consciousness.




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Part 1 –Cheating 101

1- Cheating-What it is and Isn’t
2- Profile of a Cheater
3- Choosing to Cheat
4- The Discovery

Part 2 – After the Fact

5- Fixing What’s Broken  
6- Why We Stay in Bad Relationships  
7- When Love and Dreams Die
8- Saying Goodbye

Part 3 – Prevention & Cure

9- Communication 101
10- How Ready Are You For a Commitment?
11- Relationship Success by Design
12- Are You at Risk?
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